Your goals, our strategy

We can tailor our communication solutions to meet the specific needs of your business at every stage of its development. Our goal is to help you choose the best strategies to achieve your goals.

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Begin communication

Take those first steps

For companies that have not yet begun actively building their customer database or utilizing customer data for communication, sales, or marketing purposes, we provide the guidance and expertise necessary. We can guide you through the first steps of the process, ensuring precision from the start and making it scalable as your company grows.

  • GDPR advice
  • Data collection methods and solutions
  • Development and implementation of communication plan and strategy
  • Automated responses
  • System integration

Marketing and sales

Take your communication results to new heights

Long-standing companies with a wealth of accumulated data may experience stagnation in their communication efforts. By leveraging the power of data and combining mass sales campaigns with finely segmented audiences and personalized content, we can help take your communication results to the next level and enhance your customer experience with the brand.

  • Audit of current methods
  • Data segmentation
  • Integrating communication channels
  • Marketing automation
  • B2B sales campaigns

Loyalty programs

Data-driven communication

Businesses in various industries, including retail, often opt for loyalty programs as a tool for broader customer data analysis and sales promotion. A key factor is also smart and customer behavior-based communication.

  • Segmentation based on habits or loyalty status
  • Relevant communication generated by loyalty systems at the right time and place


Automate tasks that were previously done manually in your company with NESS.

Quick and precise responses to customer actions or system status changes are essential for many businesses. Manual execution of processes can be time-consuming and lead to errors.

  • Process assessment
  • System integration
  • Selection of direct communication channels
  • Creation of automation processes
  • Content and design