notification infographic. schematically represented as information about viewed and purchased product circulates around the customer: advertisement received in e-mail, then browsed online store, then received webpush notification with special offer of the day, then product purchased, then the customer receives a message that the product has been delivered to the courier.


Reach your customers through multiple channels

Personal and mass notifications often play a significant role in various business processes. This could involve marketing campaigns to inform your existing customers about new products or valuable content related to your company as a whole. Additionally, personal messages can be sent to promptly deliver important information regarding your customers' orders, payments, or appointments. By combining these different channels, you can reach your customers in a more targeted and convenient manner, allowing for a more effective and efficient communication strategy.

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Financially sound society becomes increasingly younger and more mobile. Consequently, fewer customers are opting for traditional forms of communication when interacting with organizations.


Reach your customers instantly through SMS or WhatsApp. Establish your customer notification standards with ease.


Direct marketing campaigns can make up a substantial portion of your overall sales. To learn more, contact NESS.


The majority of consumers expect personalised and customised communication from their preferred brands to maintain loyalty.


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Reach your customers quickly and effectively with SMS. It's the only information delivery channel that can achieve a 99.9% delivery rate, with an average read time of just 3 minutes.

  • Dynamic SMS content
  • Scheduling and sending settings
  • Statistics and URL shortening
  • Built-in unsubscribe
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Web Push

Using this channel, you can reach anonymous visitors to your website by sending short messages that appear on their devices as soon as they open a browser. To get started, simply install the script from our system to begin collecting contacts for this channel of communication.

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A widely used communication channel in both private and business sectors. An increasing number of companies are choosing to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp to meet their preferences. With its benefits of rich text content, WhatsApp is an effective way to inform and address customers, making it an ideal platform for businesses to communicate with their customers.

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Email marketing is one of the most effective direct marketing channels available, enabling quick and easy delivery of information to your customers while boosting sales, increasing conversions, and building stronger relationships with customers.

  • Transaction emails – by integrating them into your email sending platform, send your customers various purchase or order status updates, account activity, password change or payment notifications, etc.
  • Automation – In addition to manually created newsletters, our platform offers automation features to send various automated emails to potential and existing customers, such as thanking new subscribers, wishing happy birthday, or offering discount codes to customers who haven’t placed an order in a while, among others.