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The strength of a brand is in its ability to know its customer. We help you create the most appropriate forms of communication.

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The SMS marketing leader and the direct marketing agency BREGARDS become NESS

We are uniting our experience, competence and resources so that we can continue defining the communication methods and technologies of the future for business customers.


All direct marketing and communication methods in one place

A simplified strategy. NESS is a partner providing your business with unified solutions for communication with customers, as well as support from the experts of the sector.


Notifications and messages as a form of communication with customers.

  • Web Push
  • Web Chat


Still one of the TOP sales channels in e-commerce.

  • E-mail marketing
  • Transaction e-mails
  • Automation

SMS and WhatsApp

The fastest way to reach your customer.

  • SMS campaigns
  • WhatsApp

Social networks

Social network communication platforms as a mechanism for customer service.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Connect your business management with the world of communication and automate your processes.

Send urgent messages to your customers, remind them about important events and entertain them with personalized content at the right time and in the right manner.


Extensive experience in a wide range of sectors

Extensive experience in a wide range of sectors


  • In the finance sector, SMS messages are used for customer authorization, as well as for sending transactions and other notifications.
  • HTTP/SMPP connection, data security and direct channels for sending SMS messages.


  • Automated communication is an important component of the online buyer life cycle.
  • Purchase or registration status, notifications about unfinished shopping carts and other processes.
  • E-mail, WhatsApp, Web Push and other direct marketing solutions in one place.

Loyalty programs

  • Customer segmentation according to purchase history, buying habits, loyalty program status and other criteria.
  • Integrating multichannel type solutions with loyalty platforms allows personalizing content for each recipient at the right time and in the right place.

Other sectors

  • Appropriate solutions for companies of any size in any sector, both for starting communication with new customers and for continuing and improving it.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solutions for communication with customers through different communication channels. Web interface and possibilities of automation.

Our achievements

We have already been sending messages for 16 years. More than 500 companies have already chosen us as their partner.


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Meet our team

We are not your typical agency or service provider. You will work with the experts of the sector.

Meet our team

We are not your typical agency or service provider. You will work with the experts of the sector.

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Head of Sales

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Head of Customer Relations

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Project Manager

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